Martha Sanchez Muñoz
(1925 – 2009)

Staying true to the Promise of our Lord Jesus Christ until the very end, Martha Muñoz was received in the loving arms of our Heavenly Father on May 5, 2009 at 12:30 a.m. She passed away in Del Rio, Texas at the age of 83 of complications related to a stroke and brain hemorrhage. In her last days of life, she was surrounded by her son Abed Muñoz, her daughter in law Claudia Muñoz, and her two granddaughters, Faith Abigail Muñoz and Claudia Elizabeth Muñoz and as well as her loving pets, pinky and pecky.
Martha Muñoz was born in the state of Durango, Mexico to a family of seven brothers and sisters of whom she was the oldest. In the 1950’s, she entered the United States in search of the American dream through Isleta, Texas. In 1960, she relocated to Chicago, Illinois where she opened “MI CASITA” a Mexican restaurant, thus meeting Eulalio Muñoz , her future husband. After marrying, she confessed to having accepted Jesus Christ as her personal savior. In 1968, her only son, Abed Muñoz was born. In 1977, she widowed and after returning to Mexico, so her son could be educated for a few years there, she performed missionary work in several “colonias” and prisons in Durango, Mexico. In 1982, she returned to the United States, in Texas, to finish raising her son. In 1989, she moved to Andrews, Texas where she began to attend First Assembly of God, eventually becoming a member until 2006, when she retired to the Del Rio, Texas area to be under the care of her son and family.

Martha is remembered as a prayer warrior and an avid follower of world events. She enjoyed dogs as well as growing plants. However, her greatest passion was to talk about Jesus to everyone that surrounded her, especially praying for all those that were sick and in financial need. Immigrant rights as wells as those who had been incarcerated were her constant focus in life, especially children that came from impoverished homes or where raised by single parents, such as was her own life experience.

Martha passed peacefully in the confidence of knowing in whom she had deposited her faith and heart during her life.

Her only son, Abed and his wife Claudia and their two daughters, Faith and Claudia Muñoz, survive her.

A special thanks to the staff of Shannon Medical Center in San Angelo, Texas and Del Rio Nursing & Rehabilitation Center of Del Rio for their support during these last few weeks. However, a special thanks to both Hospice of San Angelo and Del Rio, Texas, their support, care and comfort were invaluable for both Martha Muñoz and those that survived her.
After cremation, as was her final wish, her ashes will be taken to Rio Chico, Durango, Mexico, a peaceful place in the mountains of the Sierra Madre, where she lived a peaceful time in her childhood.

In lieu of flower donations, we ask that all those that were touched by her life contribute to the Children’s Ministry of First Assembly of God in Andrews, Texas, so that the next generation of children may grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.